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Draft of the Ninth National Research Policy and Strategy (2017-2021)

          The National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) is a governmental organization that performs functions as specified in the National Research Council Act, proposition of national research policy, laying down research policy and plan, consideration of research projects and plan in particular. The NRCT has fulfilled eight consecutive booklets of national research policy and guidelines for research operation of research agencies since 1977 (each one came into effect for a span of five years).

           At present, the NRCT is in the process of undertaking the Ninth National Research Policy and Strategy (2017-2021) which will get consistent with government policy, 20-year National Strategy (2017-2036), the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2017-2021), together with current economic, social and political changes inside and outside the country. It is envisaged that concerned authorities will use the Ninth National Research Policy and Strategy for a research guideline and framework for the preparation and evaluation of research proposals, as well as stimulating the private sector to increasingly invest in research for helping the development of the country.


Thailand will be a developed country based on research and innovation, qualified research work, knowledge and innovation use acquired from research for developing economy and society, together with the ready availability of infrastructure and R&D personnel for steering the country towards “Stability, Prosperity and Sustainability” 

Research Policy

1. Improve research system to be of efficiency, integration and unity, and drive the research system participated by all sectors.

2. Promote research and development of knowledge, innovation and technology from basic research, research and development, and research for developing routine work of the public, private, educational, and social/community sectors.

3. Promote investments of research and development of the private sector.

4. Foster all sectors to bring research work, knowledge, innovation and technology from research to apply in industry/commerce, society/community, academic aspect and policy.

5. Develop and create qualified and standard research and development infrastructure.

6. Produce and develop research and development personnel in the governmental, private, educational, social/community sectors to be of more qualification and of increasing number.

7. Create research and development partnerships in the form of collaborative partnership among national and international networks of all sectors.

Research Strategy

Research Strategy 1: Accelerate the development of integrated national research system to be fortified, sustainable and of unity, including creating an appropriate research ecosystem.

Research Strategy 2: Accelerate the promotion of research and development to achieve the goals and respond to urgent and focused issues according to country strategies, development plans and missions of agencies.

Research Strategy 3: Promote and support research and development in the private sector.

Research Strategy 4: Promote mechanisms and activities leading research process, research work, knowledge, innovation and technology gained from research to actual use with all sector’s cooperation.

Research Strategy 5: Develop and fortify research and development infrastructure of the country.

Research Strategy 6: Increase the number and develop the capacity of research and development personnel to increase the competitiveness of the country.

Research Strategy 7: Develop the cooperation of national and international research networks.



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