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Introduction to Website Usage


Find information with the search box.

You can find all the information on the site by entering search terms in the search box above the right corner bar. Basic search results will be shown automatically after the search term. You can read more about the immediately displayed. And to see more results or a more detailed search, click on See More Results in the search results box.

After that, detailed searches can be made by further configurations such as tag

Using Mega menu

Main menu (about us / news / announcements / electrical / download / E-SERVICES / contact us). Bring the mouse pointer to the main menu with the arrows on the back. All secondary menus of the main menu are displayed. Press the secondary menu link you want to enter.

If the main menu does not have arrows pointing downwards. You can press the main menu link immediately to access the main menu.



Office of NRCT

National Research Policyand Strategy