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Vision, Mission, Strategies

and other Main Features of NRCT




 “The NRCT is the principal organization which guides the development of the country and

 public policy by using research, including the integration and the administration of national research budget leading up to the concrete utilization”

Quality Policy

“The NRCT firmly intends to become a central agency in research administration which related units involved in research system accept its professional roles in formulating research policy and strategy, directional research promotion, research evaluation and knowledge management, research standardization, and being the center of research database connection of the country”


1.  Formulate national research policy and strategy, operational plans, and integrated research budget

2.  Propose guidelines and to push forward the integration of the national research budget 

3.  Monitor and evaluate research results and national research budget administration

4.  Manage knowledge gained from research for developing the country pursuant to the government’s policy 

5.  Set, support, supervise, and accredit national research standards to be compatible with international or operational guidelines accepted worldwide

6.  Be the center where the national and international research information and data are directly linked together 

7.  Develop the competency of personnel and the quality of organization 


“The NRCT administers research work with professional standards by using moral principles to reach achievement”  

Organizational Culture 

“Having participation, good relationship, devotion and dedication” 


1. Steering and encouraging government and private agencies to apply national research policy and strategy concretely 

2. Integration, administration, monitoring, and evaluation of research plans and budget of the country systematically and continuously 

3. Driving the utilization of national and international research results and body of knowledge for developing the country, and raising capability of commercial and industrial competition 

4. Strengthening sustainable cooperation between the Thailand Research Organizations Network (TRON) and national and international research networks to produce qualified-research personnel 

5. Development of national research standards or operational guidelines in conformity with international standards, together with moving ahead extensive utilization of research standards in collaboration with the research community 

6. Developing and augmenting the use of research information system of the country internationally, up-to-date, and link with the ASEAN community 

7. Developing the NRCT to be a fully qualified organization, making research plans and integrating work performance in compliance with the digital policy of the government, together with accelerating the NRCT’s personnel development to leaderships and experts in research system


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National Research Policyand Strategy